Cancellation, Return and Refund Policy

Please note for the refund and cancellation policy you can visit our website.

Cancellation & Return Policy

1 How can I cancel my order?
We provide easy and hassle-free cancellation. You can email (care@ or WhatsApp (+852 5940 1514)us to cancel your order.

Q. 2 What if I want to return something?
You can return the products before/ during or after the delivery (within 24 hours).
Our customer support team will get in touch with you to resolve the issue you are dissatisfied with and we will get the refund initiated to your Localitree Wallet.

Q.3 What if I have any complaint regarding my order?
You can share the issue with us on our customer care number (+852 5940 1514)or email us (care@ Our customer care support team is always there for you.

Q.4 What if I want to return the packed item?
You are suggested to keep the item unopened and inform us. We will arrange the pickup of the product at the time of your next order delivery and refund accordingly. If it has been already opened, then the company will not take responsibility.

Q.5 What if there is any issue in fresh items (for e.g. fruits, vegetables, milk, yogurt and paneer)?
You are suggested to check the items immediately at the time of delivery. And you can return the product if it is not up to the mark. Fresh produce items are not eligible for post-delivery refund or return.

Q. 6 What if I received the wrong product?
If we have delivered a different product than what you have ordered, we will replace it at the time of your next order delivery.

Q. 7 What are the cancellation charges if order is packed and already out.?
If we cannot access your doorstep at the selected delivery appointment and cannot contact you, declined by customer without satisfactory reasons, a delivery attempt fee of $50 will be charged.

Refund Policy
Q. 8 How long do you take to initiate my refund?
Refunds will be credited back toyour Localitree Wallet within 24 hours of confirmation.