Localitree SmartAssist

The most forward supply chain decision-making engine for highest efficiency, reliability & clarity in operations. Hong Kong’s first online supermarket powered by AI based Supply Chain Intelligence & Logistics Planning

Localitree Intelligent Sorting Module (LISM)

Automatically sorts all the shipments and allocates delivery vehicles as per size and other details of scheduled plan.

Localitree Automated Packer- Pack Local

Projects the interactive 3D dynamics of container, storage area and its loading plans.

Localitree Smart Disptcher

Optimizes the route using AI 

AI based planning of routes, considers extensive real-life scenarios and compares possible models in real time using deep Machine Learning engine.

What we really do?

We at Localitree are Hong Kong’s first organised online supermarket that provides door step delivery of comprehensive regional groceries and home essentials with pioneering marketing capabilities and data analytics.

Our Vision & Mission

To become a truly global Peer To Peer marketplace that provides widest selection of choices at lowest price with highest level of customer satisfaction.

History of the Company

Started in March 2018, we’re becoming the the first choice of the regional grocery buyers in Hong Kong.

Partner with Us!

To become a seller, write to cs@localitee.com or call at +852 5940 1514

What can we do for you ?

Call us or WhatsApp on 5940 1514 for real time support.

Only the best brands and products.

fastest and free delivery in every part of Hong Kong. Industry first: Live updates and Order Tracking available on your fingertips.

No questions asked free return. Customer first.